Régie des rentes du Québec

Reference rates for LIFs

The reference rate for calculating the maximum withdrawal from a LIF is 6% in 2014. It varies each year:

2014: 6,0%
2013: 6,0%
2012: 6,0%
2011: 6,0%
2010: 6,0%
2009: 6,0%
2008: 6,0%
2007: 6,0%
2006: 6,0%
2005: 6,0%
2004: 6,0%
2003: 6,0%
2002: 6,5%
2001: 6,0%
2000: 6,5%
1999: 6,0%
1998: 6,5%

At the beginning of each year, the financial institution calculates the minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn from the LIF during the year. The maximum is obtained by multiplying the factor provided in Schedule 0.6 This link will open in a new window. of the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans, according to the age and reference rate, by the balance of the LIF at the beginning of the year or at the time the account was opened. If a temporary income is requested, the maximum is calculated differently.

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