Payer with ties to the funeral home and funeral preplanning

Special rules apply if the payer has ties to the funeral home or if funeral preplanning arrangements have been made.

The payer has ties to the funeral home

A payor related to the funeral home can be, for example:

  • the owner of the funeral home
  • a family member or friend of the owner of the funeral home
  • an employee of the funeral home.

In that case, we require one of the following in addition to the usual documents, as well as any other document deemed necessary to determine the admissibility of the expenses:

  • a photocopy of the personal cheque cancelled by the financial institution
  • a photocopy of the personal credit card transaction record and monthly account statement.
  • the invoice detailing the paid funeral expenses.

The deceased had made funeral preplanning arrangements

The funeral expenses the deceased paid under a funeral pre-arrangement contract are not reimbursed. In this case, we pay a maximum 2 500 $ death benefit under the Québec Pension Plan to the heirs if they file an application.

Accepted expenses not included in funeral preplanning arrangements may sometimes be incurred after the death. The person who paid them may apply to be reimbursed, up to the total amount of the death benefit.

The heirs can receive only the difference between the expenses that have been reimbursed and the maximum benefit of 2 500 $.

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