Édition du 29 April 2008

Small Businesses and Employee Pension Plans

In Québec, most workers who are covered by a supplemental pension plan work at large firms. Only a few small businesses, which account for about half of all Québec workers, offer such protection to their employees. Over 70% of them have no retirement savings instrument for their employees. >>>


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The advantages of a pension plan for small businesses

Of the 531 organizations with a pension plan that were surveyed, the Régie des rentes du Québec noted that plan advantages were mentioned 409 times. >>>

Roadblocks to setting up a pension plan

Organizations that offer an employee pension plan are generally satisfied with it. Though only 3% of employers said a plan had no advantages, 17% stated that offering such a plan poses no inconvenience. So what factors hamper the decision to set up a pension plan? >>>

Which small businesses are best suited to set up a pension plan?

In order to broaden the retirement market, employers-small businesses in particulars-must be convinced of the advantages of pension plans. Their and workers' confidence in these plans must also be increased. >>>