Édition du 16 November 2011

2011 survey on the awareness of issues related to financial independence in retirement

The subject of saving for the purpose of being financially independent in retirement is becoming a hot topic. The necessity of being aware of people's behaviour, attitudes and knowledge of the subject is becoming apparent, more now than ever. >>>

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Attitudes and behaviours regarding financial independence

According to experts, you need to replace roughly 70% of your gross annual income during the last three years you work in order to maintain your standard of living when you retire. And yet, only 48% of Quebeckers think they are saving enough for retirement. That means more than half think they are not! This raises the question: Are we preparing adequately for retirement? >>>

Sources of retirement income

In retirement, workers can count on income from two types of sources:

  • Government sources (the Old Age Security program and the Québec Pension Plan, if the worker is eligible);
  • Savings (private pension plans or personal savings). >>>

Who is most aware of issues related to financial independence in retirement?

Are any categories of workers more aware of financial planning for retirement issues? Although planning financially for retirement is individual, it would seem so. At least, that is what the survey results show. >>>