16 June 2009 issue

Special report

The Régie and you

"The Régie des rentes du Québec is only for when you're retired." How many of you have heard this before? Test your knowledge of the Régie by answering True or False to the statements below.

  1. The Régie des rentes du Québec has been in existence since 1966.
  2. The Régie monitors over 1 500 supplemental pension plans.
  3. One of the Régie's roles is to promote financial planning for retirement.
  4. The Régie has client service centres in 6 cities across Québec.

A quick history lesson

If you were born before the 19th century, you had to count on your family or the Church to take care of you in your golden years. Up until the mid-20th century, you may have been covered by one of the various social programs provided by the State. Near the end of the 1950s—if you were lucky—you worked for one of the rare major companies that offered the retirement jackpot: a pension plan.

Since 1966, all Québec workers have been covered by a public plan: the Québec Pension Plan. The Plan is administered by the Régie des rentes du Québec, which began operations a year earlier, in 1965.

Since its creation, the Régie has worked to apply what was once called the Act respecting supplemental pension plans and is now known as the Supplemental Pension Plans Act. Its mandate has broadened over time. Starting in 1974, the Régie paid family benefits under the Family Allowances Act. Later, it signed social security agreements with a number of countries. The Régie has never limited itself to simply providing services, but has always done so using the most modern service delivery methods available. Forward thinking, the Régie began offering Direct Deposit of benefits in 1982. And, in 1997, the Régie put the first version of its Web site online. The Régie has provided online services since November 2003.

Current roles

Today the Régie is active in three main areas: it is responsible for applying the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan and the Supplemental Pension Plans Act, and it administers the child assistance measure. You are one of our clients if you:

  • contribute to the Québec Pension Plan or receive benefits under the Plan;
  • are a member of one of the 1 781 supplemental pension plans supervised by the Régie;
  • receive child assistance payments or the supplement for handicapped children.

The Régie's mission

Some are surprised that the Régie talks about financial planning for retirement. Isn't that the job of financial planners? If that's what you think, it's time to dispel the misconception. The Régie's mission, which is multifaceted and concerns various stages of your life, is to:

  • promote financial planning for retirement and alert citizens of the need to accumulate sufficient income to meet their retirement goals;
  • monitor supplemental pension plans;
  • pay you a retirement pension;
  • pay benefits in the event of disability or death;
  • provide you with financial assistance when you are caring for a child.

Key priorities

Encouraging financial independence in retirement is of major importance to the Régie. That's why the Régie made it one of the three main priorities in its 2006-2011 Strategic Plan.

The Régie also endeavours to adapt its methods in order to take into account sociodemographic changes and harness developments in information and communications technologies.

In addition, all Régie employees work to develop the skills they need to deal with the challenges raised by the wave of retirements and labour shortages.

At your service

As we have seen, the Régie is active in a range of areas. And helping the Régie successfully carry out its many roles are some 1 200 employees at 9 client service centres located in Québec, Montréal, Trois-Rivières and 6 other cities. All that just for you... and our 5 million other clients!

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