Supplemental pension plans

  • Our PDF forms can be printed and the majority of them can also be completed on screen. However, you must have Acrobat Reader This link will open in a new window., version 7 or later.  Some documents are not available online but can be ordered.
  • There are several ways to obtain our forms.

    Annual Information Return for a simplified pension plan (SIPP)

    2015 Annual Information Return - Simplified pension plan

    The person authorized by the financial institution that administers a simplified pension plan can use this form to complete the annual information return for the plan.
    RS-138 form. Last update: February 2016.

    Guide de la déclaration annuelle de renseignements 2015 - Régime de retraite simplifié

    (2015 Guide to the Annual Information Return - Simplified pension plan; French only)
    Last update: February 2016.
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