Régie des rentes du Québec

Complaints to the Services Commissioner

Are you satisfied with our programs and services?

We count on your comments, objections and complaints as a means of making our services better and improving the programs we administer. If you believe that we have not respected our commitments or you have comments to make about our programs, be sure to share your opinion with our employees.

The role of the Services Commissioner

If you believe your situation has not received all the attention it deserves, you can contact the Commissioner, who will treat your complaints and comments completely independently. The Commissioner has the power to make recommendations to improve services or programs. Complaints are kept strictly confidential.

Before contacting the Services Commissioner

You should first use all the recourses available to you.

If you are dissatisfied...

... with our services. First try to obtain an explanation or reach an agreement with our personnel. Our personnel is there to provide information and listen to you, even if you are making a complaint. They are committed to helping you.

... with a decision we have rendered. You have a legal right to a review, whether under the Québec Pension Plan, the Supplemental pension plans or the child assistance measure.

When to contact the Commissioner

You should contact the Commissioner if:

  • your contacts with our employees have not given you the desired results
  • you have exhausted all your legal recourses
  • if you would like the Commissioner to be made aware of your comments, complaints or objections to the laws so that they can be brought to the attention of the Régie's management

Note that denouncing fraud does not constitute a complaint. If you wish to notify us of fraud, please call the Régie directly.

The Commissioner is COMMITTED to providing you with a clear and complete response adapted to your situation.

How to reach the Commissioner

To reach the Commissioner, simply call us. The information clerk who takes your call will forward your request to the Commissioner, who will return your call within 2 working days. You can also contact the Commissioner's office by email This link will open in a new window., by fax or by regular mail at the following address. Be sure to indicate your telephone number.

Services Commissioner

Régie des rentes du Québec
Case postale 5200
Québec (Québec)
G1K 7S9

Note that...

If you still are not satisfied with the response or the quality of our services, you can contact the Public Protector This link will open in a new window., who is completely independent of the Régie.

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Did you know that?

In our Service Statement, we are committed to replying to a request to the Services Commissioner within 25 days of receiving it.