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Studies and surveys concerning the Québec Pension Plan

There are several ways to obtain our publications.

Consult the Actuarial Report of the Québec Pension Plan and related documents.

Québec Pension Plan

Sondage 2014 sur la satisfaction à l’égard du délai de réponse pour les demandes de rente de retraite faites par courrier

(2014 survey on client satisfaction regarding the response time for retirement pension applications received by regular mail; French only)

This report gives the results of the survey carried out in March and April 2014 of people who had filed an application for a retirement pension form by mail and who received an answer. The purpose of the survey was to assess their level of satisfaction and better understand our clients’ expectation with regard to response time. The report also gives the results concerning why certain clients did not choose the option of filing their application online. The report mentions what factors could have lead them to filing online instead of by regular mail.
Last update: February 2015.

Sondage sur les attentes à l’égard des communications relatives au supplément de rente de retraite

(Expectations for notices regarding the retirement pension supplement: a survey; French only)

This study presents the results of a survey conducted in the summer of 2009 among beneficiaries of the retirement pension supplement. In it you will find a portrait of the clients entitled to this increase as well as their opinions on our notices regarding the retirement pension supplement.

Consult a summary of the study This link will open in a new window.
Last update: January 2010.

Évolution de la clientèle de la rente d'invalidité de 1970 à 2003

(Changes in disability pension clientele from 1970 to 2003; French only)

This study looks at historical data related to beneficiaries of the disability pension paid under the Québec Pension Plan.  It reveals certain trends with respect to the number of beneficiaries, causes of disability, incidence rates and the reasons payment of the pension ends.

Last update: October 2006.
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