Régie des rentes du Québec

The annual management reports of the Régie

There are several ways to obtain our publications.

Annual management reports

Rapport annuel de gestion 2014

(Annual management report for 2014; French only)

This document is the Régie's main instrument for public accountability. It aims to inform citizens of its performance. It also contains information to help better understand the agency and lists the highlights of the year. It indicates the results obtained respecting the commitments in the Régie’s Service Statement and with respect to the Régie’s Strategic plan for 2012-2016. It also includes the Régie’s financial statements.

Read the highlights of our results in the 2014 Annual management report overview (French only).

Last update: May 2015.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2013

(Annual management report for 2013; French only)

Last update: June 2014.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2012

(Annual management report for 2012; French only)

Last update: May 2013.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2011

(Annual management report for 2011; French only)

Last update: May 2012.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2010

(Annual management report for 2010; French only)

Last update: May 2011.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2009-2010

(Annual management report for 2009-2010; French only)

Last update: June 2010.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2008-2009

(Annual management report for 2008-2009; French only)

Last update: June 2009.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2007-2008

(Annual management report for 2007-2008; French only)

Last update: October 2008.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2006-2007

(Annual management report for 2006-2007; French only)

Last update: June 2007.

Rapport annuel de gestion 2005-2006

(Annual management report for 2005-2006; French only)

Last update: June 2006.
Rapport annuel 2005

Rapport annuel de gestion 2004-2005

(Annual management report for 2004-2005; French only)

Last update: June 2005.
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