Régie des rentes du Québec

Request for an Income Tax Slip Duplicate

Québec Pension Plan

Notice to disabled persons

This online service may contain barriers to accessibility. You can call us for assistance.

Duplicates are available for:

  • retirement pensions
  • disability benefits
  • survivors’ benefits
Go to the service of Request for an income tax slip duplicate.This link will open in a new window.

Note that the Régie does not send tax slips for child assistance because the amounts paid are not taxable.

You will need:

  • your social insurance number (SIN)
  • to know the years for which you require duplicates.


  • Annual tax slips are sent automatically between 15 January and 15 February. You do not have to request them.
  • Duplicate tax slips are sent within 15 business days. However, those requested early in the year are not sent until late February.
  • To obtain a duplicate tax slip for the Canada Pension Plan, contact Service Canada This link will open in a new window..

The information requested for the purposes of this online service is necessary to study your request. For further information, see our policy concerning access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information This link will open in a new window..

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