Pension committee officers

The pension committee's operating rules must set out who ensures the coordination and functioning of the committee's activities. Most committees have at least 3 officers: a chair, a vice-chair and a secretary. There could, however, be fewer.

Usually, the chair presides over the committee's meetings and keeps order. He or she signs official documents and certifies the minutes of committee meetings. The vice-chair replaces the chair when the latter is absent. The secretary prepares the agenda for each meeting and records the minutes. He or she must provide each committee member with the documents and information useful for administering the plan, unless the committee has entrusted that task to someone else.

The committee officers are designated according to the plan text. If no such rules are provided for in the plan text, the internal by-laws must set out rules for their designation. More often than not, the officers are chosen from among the committee members.

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