Service standards

The internal by-laws must provide for standards for the services offered by the plan administrator. The standards must indicate the services to be rendered and the steps taken to ensure their quality.

The standards cover the services rendered to members and beneficiaries. They can also cover services rendered to other parties, such as the employer.

Services to be rendered

The administrator must provide members and beneficiaries with the information provided for in the Supplemental Pension Plans Act such as statements, notices of change, information booklets, etc.

It usually offers other services to provide members and beneficiaries with information to help them make decisions, such as:

  • assistance in choosing a particular form of pension or an investment
  • a call centre operated by a service provider to answer questions
  • the possibility of obtaining estimates of retirement pension amounts
  • an intranet site with information on the plan
  • forms to help in decision making.

Standards for the quality of services

The internal by-laws must include standards to ensure the quality of services, especially their reliability and accessibility. The standards must cover, for example:

  • response times
  • the language used for communications
  • the simplicity and clarity of communications
  • the confidentiality of information kept and sent
  • verification of information by competent people
  • processing of complaints.

The service standards should also apply to service providers.

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