Registering amendments

The administrator who wants to apply for the registration of an amendment must inform the plan members and file an application for registration with Retraite Québec.

Prescribed time limit for registering an amendment

Applications for the registration of amendments must be filed within a reasonable period of time.

However, for employers who join a pension plan, the application for registration must be filed with Retraite Québec within 12 months of the date as of which the employer became party to the plan, unless an extension has been granted.

Accompanying documents concerning applications for the registration of amendments


Make it simple!

By using the Application for Registration of an Amendment to a Pension Plan, you can be sure that you have enclosed all the necessary documents and information with your application.

Amending an SIPP

The contents of this page do not apply to simplified pension plans (SIPPs). Find out more about amending an SIPP.


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