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Please consult Newsletter number 32, Amendments to the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans effective 4 January 2018, as well as division V – Transfer of benefits between spouses This link will open in a new window. of the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans, to find out the rules for partition applicable to spouses in a civil union, the changes to the payment methods applicable to the former spouse, and the calculation of member benefits after partition.

Civil union (not to be confused with civil marriage) is a new institution, in existence since 24 June 2002. It is intended both for couples of the same sex or the opposite sex.

Civil union spouses have the same rights as married spouses (family patrimony, matrimonial regime). However, there are a few differences, particularly concerning the procedure for dissolution of a civil union.


If the spouses do not have any dependent children and they agree on the consequences of their separation, particularly concerning the partition of their property, the separation may be recorded in two notarial acts (without a court judgment): the transaction contract and the declaration.

In such a case, the valuation of the property may be carried out on a date chosen by the spouses. That date must be between the date of joint procedure for the dissolution of the civil union or the date on which the spouses ceased living together, and the date of the notarized transaction contract.

Furthermore, if the spouses marry, the civil union will automatically be dissolved, but without partition of property.

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