Sending the termination report to Retraite Québec and amount of the required fees

Within 90 days of receiving the written notice of termination (or Retraite Québec's decision), the plan administrator must:

  • have the termination report prepared
  • send the termination report to the employer (and the union, if any)
  • send statements of benefits to plan members and beneficiaries
  • publish a notice in a daily newspaper

After expiry of the 90-day time period, the administrator must send the termination report to Retraite Québec (with corrections, if applicable).

After considering the views, if any, of the employer, the union, and members and beneficiaries, the administrator makes the final adjustments to the termination report and sends the definitive version to Retraite Québec.

With the termination report, enclose:

You should also specify to Retraite Québec:

  • the date that the termination report was sent to the employer and the union
  • the date that statements were sent to plan members and beneficiaries
  • the name of the daily newspaper in which the notice was published, as well as the publication date (or confirmation that the administrator was exempted from publishing).

Payment of required fees to Retraite Québec

Please consult the following sections:

  • Fee schedule with the amounts to be paid upon the termination of the plan
  • Payment of fees to be aware of the payment methods of those fees.

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