Amending your pension plan

As the employer, you can decide what amendments to make to the pension plan, if that power is granted to you in the plan text. If not, you nonetheless have the right to accept or reject those amendments that change your obligations under the plan.

This section does not apply to simplified pension plans (SIPPs). To find out more: SIPP amendments

Important points to remember

  • Every plan amendment must be registered with Retraite Québec.
  • Generally, the written consent of the employer or employers party to the plan is required to amend the plan.
  • The amendment requires an application for registration by the plan administrator, that is, the pension committee OR a key associate in the plan's administration. That person may be the employer, for example, if you act as a delegatee or as the plan administrator (which may be the case if the plan has less than 26 members).

If you are the plan administrator

Consult the rules related to amending procedures.

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