If your child's health improves

If you note a significant improvement in your child's condition, you must inform us.

Medical reassessment

To verify whether your child's condition has improved and to find out whether he or she is still entitled to the supplement for handicapped children, we may, in some cases, ask for a reassessment. The frequency of reassessments depends on the child's handicap and situation.

Good to know

By signing up for notifications in My Account, you could receive a notice by email or by text message when an application for a reassessment is filed. Furthermore, by logging in to your digital file, you will also have access to information, documents and services regarding Family Allowance and pension plans.

  • If the notice for a reassessment is not completed and returned to us, the supplement for handicapped children will stop being paid as of the month following the scheduled date of the reassessment.
  • The Family Allowance payments will still be paid even if the supplement for handicapped children stops being paid.

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