Educational Achievement Reports

An educational achievement report makes it possible for us to gather additional information on your child's condition while at school or in daycare.

Who can complete educational achievement reports?

Depending on whether your child attends school or daycare, the individual who can complete the form is the teacher or daycare educator who regularly sees your child and who is able to describe the difficulties that your child experiences in his or her environment. 

School achievements

The purpose of the report is to provide not only the level of learning your child has reached, but also his or her progression in his or her school achievements.

Documents to be provided

It is important to enclose the educational report with the most recent individual education plan or plans for your child at school, daycare, or a rehabilitation centre.

The most recent report card or any other relevant document should also be sent with the report, if possible.

If you are already receiving the supplement for handicapped children and Retraite Québec has asked you to provide a new educational achievement report, you must download the Educational Achievement Report form and send it to us. Please follow the instructions provided in the form.

If you intend to file a new application for the supplement for handicapped children, please note that the report is included in the Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children form.

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