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Children with a disabled parent

The financial hardship resulting from disability could be made worse if the disabled person has a dependent child. For this reason, the disability benefits paid by Retraite Québec include a portion intended for the children of a disabled parent.

To be eligible for this pension, the disabled parent must have sufficiently contributed to the Plan and be declared disabled by Retraite Québec.

Pension for a disabled person's child

  • If a person who has been declared disabled by Retraite Québec has children under 18 years old, they are entitled to a pension for a disabled person's child.
  • The pension for a disabled person's child is generally paid to the disabled person if he or she provides for the child's needs.
  • If applicable, the pension for a disabled person's child and the disability pension are paid in a single monthly payment. This pension is  $80.97 a month, for each child, in 2020.
  • This pension is considered as the child's personal income, even if it is paid to the parent.
  • This pension may be paid until the child turns 18. However, it may stop being paid for other reasons.

To find out more

  • To find out more on the programs of Retraite Québec on this subject, consult the section Disability.
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Québec has one of the most generous family policies This link will open in a new window. in the world, comparable to those of the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark.