Disability and the improvement of your health 

If you have been recognized disabled but your health improves, you need to know the effects on your sources of income.

Québec Pension Plan

  • Your disability pension payments will end if you are no longer disabled. The pension for a disabled person's child also ends when a disability pension stops being paid.
  • Inform us to avoid having to repay sums received without entitlement.

Supplemental pension plans

  • If you received a refund or you made a transfer to a registered retirement savings account (RRSP), a locked-in retirement account (LIRA) or a life income fund (LIF), the improvement in your health will not have any impact on those transactions.
  • If you are receiving a disability pension under your plan, it is possible that payment of the pension will end if your disability is no longer recognized under the provisions of the plan, even if you do not go back to work for the employer who sponsors the plan.
  • If the payment of your disability pension ends, you will still receive a pension under the plan when you retire. The amount of you retirement pension may be adjusted to take into account the amounts received when you were disabled.


If you have received a refund from your locked-in retirement account (LIRA), the improvement in your state of health will not have any impact on that transaction.


Your state of health does not have any effect on the amounts that you can withdraw from your life income fund (LIF).

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