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Full custody

A parent who has custody of a child more than 60% of the time is considered to have full custody of the child. He or she therefore receives the entire amount of the child assistance payment.

Following a change in a child’s custody time, we recalculate the amount of the child assistance payments.

What steps should you take if you obtain custody more than 60% of the time?

If the payments were made in your name

You must call us as soon as possible to inform us of the shared custody of your child following the breakdown of your union.

If the payments were not made in your name

You must file an Application for Child Assistance Payments to receive child assistance payments in your name.

We can pay child assistance retroactively for a period of 11 months from the date an application is received if all of the eligibility requirements are met.

Follow these steps to avoid receiving overpayments and having to repay amounts.

If you have custody of the child less than 60% of the time, consult the rules that apply to shared custody of a child.