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À titre de comptable, vous devez appliquer la Loi sur les régimes complémentaires de retraite (Loi RCR) pour des services comptables relatifs à un régime de retraite. La présente section vous renseigne sur les exigences de la Loi RCR.

Selection and hiring of the accountant or auditor

The plan administrator must select and hire the accountant or auditor, depending on the services required.

The plan's internal by-laws must indicate the rules for selecting, remunerating, supervising and evaluating these professionals.

Financial report and financial reporting frameworks

The plan administrator must have a financial report prepared containing a statement of the plan's assets and a statement of revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year. The administrator is required to have the report prepared by a competent professional familiar with the accounting standards for pension plans.

The plan administrator can choose between two financial reporting frameworks to produce the audited financial report for a pension plan:

  • framework with no pension obligations (special purpose)
  • framework with pension obligations (general purpose).

Consult the Model reports developed by the CPA Order's Working group This link will open in a new window. to see samples of the independent auditor's report and the sample report on supplementary matters arising from an audit.

The plan administrator approves the framework that will be used to prepare the financial report. The report is then audited, except where the pension plan is exempted from that requirement.

Note That...

The pension plan administrator must send us:

  • an annual information return containing information from the financial report
  • the auditor's report with the financial report referred to in the opinion given
  • the report on supplementary matters arising from an audit
  • payment of the required fees.

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