February 2020 issue


Client experience: Retraite Québec's core priority

Here with Vice-President for Client Services, Ms. Isabelle Merizzi, we discuss client experience, one of the 3 main challenges laid out in

Retraite Québec's Plan stratégique 2020-2023  (2020-2023 Strategic plan; in French only).

Retraite Québec has always relied on the quality of its client services. With the arrival of new technologies and changes in consumer habits, client expectations and needs change, and more than ever, we need to take this new reality into account in the services we offer. It is important to bear in mind that Retraite Québec, through its mission and responsibilities, provides Quebeckers with support at important stages of their lives, from the birth of a child to retirement. It is therefore paramount we remain attentive to our clients.

In recent years, we have committed to bettering our client experience. To that end, we wish to leverage our strengths and talents to greater enrich the means through which we accomplish our mission. To reach that goal, we have implemented our Programme de transformation – Expérience client (Transformation program – Client experience, French only).

We are aiming to reduce the effort required from our clients, fostering autonomy for them and maintaining their trust. The transformation program first requires a digital turn, which will make it possible for us to enhance our clients' experience and render our organization increasingly performant. By providing our clients with an integrated service delivery, we want to offer them a simple, personalized and humane experience. To reach our objective, we rely on our competent, mobilized and devoted employees, committed to delivering a trustworthy service that meets our clients' expectations.

The digital turn consists of 5 initiatives, which will sprout various projects in the coming years. We have named them: Parcours client, Client 360, Contact client, Client numérique and Client employeur.

Our Parcours client initiative is designed to revise the entire process a client must follow when facing various life events, as well as each of the required interactions with our organization. Our goal is to simplify and personalize the administrative procedure for clients based on their preferences, situation and needs.

As for Client 360, it represents our vision of an efficient work tool. It will allow our staff to have an overall and up-to-date picture of a client's situation. The availability of all client interactions with Retraite Québec, regardless of the communication method used, will allow us to offer clients simplified access to their files, with a better, more complete and user-friendly service.

The purpose of our Contact client initiative is to rethink our communications. We want our clients to receive pertinent and easy-to-understand messages in the delivery method they prefer. This initiative also includes the implementation of an improved client services centre providing a harmonized and personalized service delivery that offers greater flexibility thanks to, for example, more online services.

The Client numérique initiative will bring to fruition our clients' willingness to use more digital services when dealing with Retraite Québec. It also consists of a major change with the creation of a secure digital workspace that will enhance the services currently offered. It will allow clients to access their file, at any time, to find information, apply for benefits, and follow up on existing applications. Furthermore, since last fall, clients have been able to send documents, proof and completed forms to us electronically.

The Client employeur initiative is to be used by employers party to public‑sector pension plans, who are essential partners in ensuring optimal data management and the exactitude of members' information and benefits. We are always striving to reinforce such partnerships in order to better equip our partners so that they can fulfil their duties in a simplified manner that is adapted to their reality.

As such, with the transformation of its client experience, Retraite Québec is more than ever committed to placing its client at the top of its priorities.

Considerable work falling under the Programme de transformation Expérience client has been carried out, is under development or soon will be. One of the key achievements that particularly comes to mind is our Sending a Document Online service, which allows citizens to send their forms, documents and proof electronically. It is complementary to our online services and is already held in high esteem by our clients. But that's not all! Given the growing interest in such technologies, Retraite Québec must continue adapting its services to these new digital methods (Web, transactional services, social media, etc.). This is why we are currently working on the implementation of a government notification platform that will inform clients in real time of any changes to their applications and whenever a document has been added to their electronic file. We will in fact be the first in the government to use this method of communication.

Among our other achievements, it is now possible for clients to receive personalized information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our interactive voice response system.

Recently, we revised the procedure persons dealing with the loss of a family member must carry out with Retraite Québec. Much work has been done in that regard, such as the creation of a new Web section aimed at minimizing the steps to be taken by the bereaved. The new section contains simpler content, which is easier to understand and adapted to the reality of the survivors. In the coming months, the procedure for clients suffering the loss of a loved-one will be simplified. The processing delays for such applications should also be reduced. Other similar procedures will also be revamped shortly so as to render them simpler and more efficient for clients.

Retraite Québec goes to great lengths to ensure it meets the expectations and needs of its clients. The strategic choices laid out in this plan have been determined, taking into account our clients' expectations regarding the services we offer.

To ensure we are meeting our goals, we implemented focus groups. Through various methods, such as surveys, discussion groups and user tests, our focus groups allow us to obtain the opinion of citizens on various topics, for example the quality of services, and to have citizens participate in the reflection and revamping process.

Focus groups come in various forms. Before carrying out a project, focus groups play a role in better understanding the expectations of clients and in orienting the organization's priorities. While a project is being carried out, the groups make it possible to test and enhance solutions. Once the project is finished, they allow us to assess client satisfaction and collect their suggestions in a process of continued improvement.

Some 20 focus groups have now been formed for numerous projects. We have studied and adapted several elements based on the comments we have received, such as sections of our website, letters and forms, online services, etc.

The positive results we obtained in the context of our first strategic plan show that Retraite Québec is without a doubt an organization true to its commitments.

Retraite Québec's Plan stratégique 2020-2023 (2020-2023 Strategic plan; French only)

Retraite Québec's long-term vision is to be the organization that sets the standard for retirement expertise, earning acclaim for its performance, first-rate client services and dynamic work environment.

The Plan stratégique 2020-2023, tabled in December 2019 in the National Assembly, sets out 3 main challenges and defines our priorities for addressing them.

Challenge 1 – Your client experience

To maintain its position of continued service expertise, Retraite Québec strives to offer its clients simplified and personalized services. By embracing the digital revolution, the organization aims to provide its clients with a service that meets their expectations.

Challenge 2 – Your financial security   

By assuming a leadership role with its partners in the field and eliciting knowledge sharing, Retraite Québec would like to make it possible for Québec society to benefit from the organization's retirement expertise. The organization aims to make financial planning for retirement a social norm through the sustained action of informing and equipping citizens to  that end.

Challenge 3 – Our team   

To meet the challenges of coming years, Retraite Québec aims to attract and retain devoted, competent and performant employees. Offering employees a stimulating and quality workplace is of great importance to Retraite Québec, which stands out by making its employees' well-being a core priority.