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Enhanced digital turn at Retraite Québec

The numbers show it: more and more Quebeckers are using our online services. You are part of Retraite Québec's clients and, for that reason, you would like to have secure access to your information, no matter where you are or when you want to have access to it.

Having access to efficient online services is a must for an organization like ours that offers such services to  its clients. In order to meet this requirement, we want to adapt our services to your needs. We are making efforts in that sense, by  modernizing our work tools and our internal systems, and by training our employees to accompany you properly.

Discover how Retraite Québec is moving towards a significant digital turn and how the organization's strengths are all gathered to be more efficient and offer you much simpler and personalized online services, available whenever you want. Several improvements will be made to the digital environment of My Account and will make it easier for you to take the steps needed with regard to our organization.

Have you heard about My Account?

My Account This link will open in a new window. gives you access to your personalized information regarding the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) and Family Allowance. You can find, for example, the amounts to which you are or could be entitled in certain situations (retirement, disability, death, etc.), forms, as well as personal information and instructions for direct deposit.

Given that Retraite Québec wants to make it easier for you to take the steps needed with regard to our organization, a project is underway to enhance My Account. With the number of improvements that will be made in the coming months, digital communication will be made easier and promoted more regularly. The changes represent concrete and considerable progress in the means of communication and a step forward in reducing the use of paper.

To find out more on the improvements made to our digital services, we spoke to Sylvain Pouliot, Director of the Retraite Québec's Programme de transformation de l'expérience client.

What will be the first visible novelties for Retraite Québec's clients?

Progressive addition of documents

A new section devoted to communications and documents sent by Retraite Québec will be available in My Account. It will be easier to consult them and to access them when needed. You will find, for example, your Family Allowance notice, your income tax slips or your Statements of Participation under different pension plans, including plans such as the RREGOP or the PPMP.

Digital option

At the same time, a new option will soon be offered in My Account so that you can choose to receive your communications and documents digitally, directly in your personalized space. That option will help reduce the use of paper and postal delays.

Notifications by email or text message

Eventually, every person who uses My Account will be notified, if they want to, by email or text message after a change has been made to their file, i.e. when filing a document, or to track an application. By signing up for the service, you are choosing a simple, efficient and secure way to track your applications.The practical and personalized option will be implemented gradually. Fisrtly, you will be able to follow your  Application for a Retirement Pension Under the Québec Pension Plan. Other types of applications will benefit from this option as of 2021.

By enhancing the information provided in our My Account online service and by allowing you to receive notifications when changes are made to your file, Retraite Québec wants to better inform you in a more timely manner. This new way of providing information will allow you to track your applications more quickly.

Other novelties added to My Account

My Account already gives access to personalized information concerning the  Québec Pension Plan This link will open in a new window. or Family Allowance This link will open in a new window.. If you are a member of a public-sector pension plan, you will soon have access to information concerning your pension plan. Therefore, in the long-term, you will have a complete picture of your benefits, amounts and how much you are receiving for all the pension plans of which you are a member and that are administered by Retraite Québec.

Among the other enhancements to come, a new section will allow you to consult all the messages and documents related to your applications, as well as find out or remind you of the processing delays for your applications.

To further enhance your experience, My Account will soon be available from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

You will have access to a completely modernized and simplified online service that will enable you to track your applications and show information in a clearer and more personalized way in your profile. The personalized online service will constantly be improved in the years to come, in order to keep up with your needs and expectations.

How does Retraite Québec ensure that it meets the clients' needs?

In order to be in synch with your needs and expectations, Retraite Québec adopted a mechanism called Voice of the client, which enables us to implement various means in order to hear what you have to say and direct our actions accordingly, as well as innovate and improve our continued services.

Therefore, although several online services This link will open in a new window. are already available on our website, we believe that by enhancing and modernizing our methods, we are accomplishing our mission even more and deepening our commitment to excellence.

For each important stage of your life, from the birth of a child to the death of a family member,  Retraite Québec is a partner of your financial security, supports you and guides you.

Numerous online services and tools at Retraite Québec

See our Online services and This link will open in a new window. tools section to find out more.