Our publications concerning conjugal breakdown and supplemental pension plans

If You Separate

This booklet explains how partition is carried out regarding the Québec Pension Plan and supplemental pension plans, in the event of a separation. It also explains the conditions that must be met to carry out partition.
Last update: May 2018.
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Cours sur le partage des droits dans un régime de retraite – 2020

(Course on partition of benefits under a pension plan - 2020; French only)

This course presents everything you need to know to answer questions about partition following separation. This document summarizes the course.

Last update: August 2019.

Valuation Guide - Transfer of Benefits between Spouses

This guide gives the mathematical formulas used to calculate the total value of the benefits accumulated in a supplemental pension plan up to the end of the conjugal relationship.
Last update: June 2006.

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