Thank you for doing as 2 million other beneficiaries have and reducing the number of cheques issued. Direct deposit is the right choice!

Direct Deposit in Canada

Personalized service

Notice to disabled persons.

This online service may contain barriers to accessibility. You can call us for assistance.


If you change accounts, do not close your old account until the first payment has been deposited in the new one.

Use this service:

  • for your benefits under the Québec Pension Pan
  • for your child assistance                                   
  • to change the account into which your payments are deposited

For your benefits from a public-sector pension plan (such as RREGOP and the PPMP), you must use the Direct Deposit in Canada - non-personalized service.

If you have already provided banking information to us in the past, it will appear on screen when you start the service.

You will need:

  • your clicSÉQUR account. If you don't have one, apply for it This link will open a new window.!
  • your banking information, namely, your account number.

Another way to sign up:

You can use our direct deposit in Canada service, which does not require clicSÉQUR.

Would you like to have your payments deposited in an account outside Canada?

This service is offered for Québec Pension Plan and public-sector pension plan benefits (such as the RREGOP and the PPMP). You must complete the appropriate form and send it to us.

The information requested in this online service is necessary for the study of your request. For more information, consult our policy concerning access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

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