Availability of our services

Information pages

Our information pages are available at all times.

Online services

Our services are occasionally taken off-line for maintenance to ensure that they are functioning properly. Interruptions generally last for less than an hour. We reserve the right to interrupt service at any time when the situation warrants.

If you want to use an online service and it is temporarily unavailable

We will inform you of the situation and tell you when the service will be available.

If you are using an online service and a service interruption is about to occur

We will tell you when the interruption is scheduled and invite you to stop using the service.

Some of our services let you save your data and complete your request later:

  • Application for a Retirement Pension Under the Québec Pension Plan 
  • Application for Survivors' Benefits Under the Québec Pension Plan  
  • CompuPension
  • Application for Child Assistance Payments

Attention: To save your data so that you can continue your request later, you must check the box above the service.

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