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Verifying your identity

Identification: your passport to secure, personalized services

Why we authenticate your identity before giving you access to some of our services

Some of our services require information contained in your file at Retraite Québec. We must be sure of your identity so that you will be the only person who has access to your information. Those services are personalized: they ask you questions about your situation, give you personalized answers online and can save your information for your use at a later date.

How we authenticate your identity

We authenticate your identity using the ClicSÉQUR ID (Québec government's identity authentification service)

    • The clicSÉQUR ID will give you access to Retraite Québec's electronic services and to those of other Québec government departments and agencies.
    • You choose a user code and password: these 2 elements comprise your clicSÉQUR ID.
    • Your ID is provided online within seconds.
    • After you have obtained your clicSÉQUR ID, you must register for Retraite Québec's services. You can cancel your registration This link will open a new window. at any time.
    • The next time you use one of our personalized services, you need only provide your clicSÉQUR ID.
    • To obtain an ID, you must have filed an income tax return with Revenu Québec in recent years.

How to obtain a user code to access personalized services

Only the clicSÉQUR method allows you to obtain a new user ID and register for the Retraite Québec's personalized services.

You will be given a clicSÉQUR user code when you register for Retraite Québec's personalized services on our website, using the service provided for that purpose This link will open a new window.. You can also obtain a user code by selecting one of the personalized services.

Our personalized services and how to access them

The following services are personalized services, that is, they require information contained in your file:

On the information page for the selected service, click on the button Go to the service.  Before giving you access to the service, we must authenticate your identity using ClicSÉQUR.

* These services are also available as non-personalized services (which do not require a user code).

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