Unions and their representatives know how important supplemental pension plans are in the lives of workers. You will find information on such plans under the following headings:

There's a word for it!

Several expressions are used in talking about supplemental pension plans:

  • pension plans
  • registered pension plans (Revenue Canada)
  • pension funds
  • company plans
  • private plans

Pension plans and financial planning: a social responsibility

We provide a wealth of tools and services to help you talk about financial planning for retirement with your members. What if a company does not offer a pension plan?

We provide several talking points that you can use to discuss the benefits of pension plans with your employer.  

Other useful information

See our section on the Québec Pension Plan to find out about the financial protection offered by this plan.

Other useful link

Flash Retirement

Did you know?

The Gouvernement du Québec publishes its Web pages in French. Consistent with the Charter of the French Language and to inform stakeholders outside Québec, this page is also published in English.
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