Pension plans and financial planning

Everybody's talking about it... financial planning for retirement is strongly recommended for all Québec workers.

Those who have the opportunity to participate in a pension plan (about 42% of workers) already have a head start. When it's time to retire, they will be able to count on an additional income that will reduce the gap between the pensions they will receive from public plans and their pre-retirement employment income.

For a worker who, in 2022, earns the maximum pensionable earnings (MGA) under the Québec Pension Plan, that is $64 900, the public plans will represent about 40% of his or her retirement income. The worker will have to make up some of the gap to be able to maintain his or her standard of living during retirement.

To maintain his or her standard of living, it is estimated that a worker will need about 70% of his or her average gross annual earnings for the last three years of work. The higher a worker's salary, the larger the gap. That's why careful financial planning is required.

Services and tools for you and your members !

Retraite Québec and its partners offer a broad range of services and tools to support you in your role.

Information to consult online or to distribute to others

Planning recommendations: advice from Retraite Québec on retirement planning, arranged by age group.

flash Retraite: information capsules on financial security at retirement produced in collaboration with Retraite Québec, the Laurentian Bank of Canada, the National Bank of Canada and the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

ÉducÉpargne (in french only) This link will open in a new window. : the website of a public-private group that deals with financial planning for retirement, where you will find:

  • Guide to financial planning for retirement This link will open in a new window.: A clear, easy-to-understand guide to help get you started.

Calculating aids

CompuPension: It produces a personalized simulation based on a worker's own financial information.

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Tool for estimating your retirement income

It's free, intelligent and innovative. CompuPension is an effective and useful tool for knowing about the income sources that you will have after retirement.

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