Breakdown of a union and Family Allowance

If you separate and have custody of a dependent child, you could be entitled to Family Allowance. To be eligible, you must have custody of the child at least 40% of the time each month.

If payments are currently being made in your name and your conjugal status changes, you must notify us so that we can calculate the new sums to which you are entitled. However, if you are not the parent who is receiving the payments, you must file an Application for Family Allowance Payments.

You must also inform us of any changes in a child's custody situation to ensure that payments are made to the person or persons who take care of the child.

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Other useful link

You can find relevant information on the effects of separation and the steps to follow on the Gouvernement du Québec's portal, under the heading When a Couple Separates This link will open in a new window..

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