Amount of the Family Allowance payment

Family Allowance payment amounts vary from one family to another. The amount is indexed each year in January and recalculated in July based on:

  • the number of dependent children under age 18 who live with the beneficiary 
  • the number of children in shared custody
  • the conjugal situation (with or without a spouse)
  • family income, that is, the combined income of both spouses, if applicable. To find out the amount you could receive in 2024, consult the table below. You can also estimate the amounts to which you could be entitled using the CalculAide tool.
Maximum and minimum yearly amounts – 2024
Maximum amount Amount
Each child$2923
Single-parent family + $1026
Minimum amount Amount
Each child$1163
Single-parent family+ $409
Yearly amount for the purchase of school supplies – 2024
Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies$121
Yearly amounts for a handicapped child – 2024
Supplement for Handicapped Children$2748
Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional  Care 
Tier 1$13 896
Tier 2$9240

Are you receiving family allowance? See your 2023-2024 payments in My Account. Consult it now!

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