List of Baby Names

The 5 most popular baby names for 2015.

RankBaby nameFrequency
1 EMMA 615
2 LEA 535
3 OLIVIA 475
4 ALICE 471
RankBaby nameFrequency
1 THOMAS 754
3 JACOB 663
4 LIAM 661
5 FELIX 638

If a given name contains a period (.) or an apostrophe ('), the punctuation mark has been replaced with a space.

The annual update of the list of baby names is always made in April with the information from the preceding year.

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5 key facts
about child assistance

Child assistance is paid to all eligible families who are responsible for a child under age 18. It includes:

By declaring your newborn to the Directeur de l'état civil, you automatically sign your child up at Retraite Québec.

However, please note that, in certain cases, you must file an application. For example, if you give birth outside Québec or if you adopt a child.

The child assistance amount is calculated based on:

  • the number of children under age 18 that you are responsible for and who live with you;
  • your family income;
  • your conjugal situation.

Use CalculAide to estimate the amount you could receive.

You and your spouse must file an income tax return in Québec every year in order to obtain child assistance.   

Child assistance is paid to one person per family, even if the family is a blended family.

However, in the case of shared custody, the payment is made to both parents at the same time. Find out  more on the terms of payment for children in shared custody.

To receive your payments in your bank account, sign up for direct deposit by completing the space provided on your child birth certificate from the Directeur de l'état civil. If you have not filed an application, use our online services or call us.

Child assistance is paid every three months. However, you can ask to receive it on a monthly basis.