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CompuPension: simulating your retirement income

Notice to disabled persons.

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For whom is this service intended?

For you, if you are contributing or have previously contributed to the Québec Pension Plan (you must be between the ages of 18 and 69).

What are the advantages of this online service?

You will be able to:

  • find out all the income sources that you will have after retirement
  • calculate how much you need to put aside now for retirement
  • make informed decisions by comparing various possibilities
  • print your results for your personal files
  • save the information so that you can complete or change your simulation later. If you check the box for that purpose, we will keep your simulation information for 18 months.

How to use this service

 To do the simulation, you will need:

  • your clicSÉQUR account to authenticate your identity
  • documents related to your:
    • supplemental pensions plans (pension funds).

      If you are a member of one of the following plans: RREGOP, PPMP, TPP, CSSP and PPCT, administered by the Commission administrative des régimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA), you will need one of the following documents:
    • locked-in retirement accounts (LIRAs)
    • RRSP
    • personal savings for retirement, etc.
  • to determine the income you wish to receive during retirement:
  • prepare a budget of anticipated retirement expenses
  • use a percentage of your current income

This simulation takes less than 45 minutes to complete.

Think green!

By using the Régie's online services, you can help reduce:

  • the use of paper and ink
  • the production of greenhouse gases

Practical advice

  • Redo your simulation regularly or whenever there is an important change in your situation.
  • Discuss the results with your financial planner.
  • The results of the simulation are presented in today's dollars and are before taxes. They depend on several factors, notably:
    • the accuracy of the information you give
    • the economic data that you choose, for example, the inflation rate

Related information

Go to the service CompuPension This link will open in a new window.
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