Consult a financial planner

Financial planning for retirement is crucial to ensure a comfortable retirement. Would you go on a long trip without planning it? Probably not. Think of retirement as a long trip, one that takes careful planning.

If you find the task boring or difficult, entrust it to a financial planner, who can help you develop a plan in tune with your needs and financial resources.

What does a financial planner do?

A financial planner helps you set financial goals concerning retirement, your children's education and more. Planners can propose solutions as well as savings and withdrawal strategies to achieve these goals, while taking into account income tax, your financial resources, etc.

A financial planner will develop and implement an action plan and will adjust it yearly, or more frequently if you have experienced any major life changes, financial or otherwise.

Choosing a financial planner

First, be sure your financial planner is accredited by the Institut québécois de planification financièreThis link will open in a new window. (IQPF). Also check with the Autorité des marchés financiersThis link will open in a new window. (AMF) to verify that the planner is authorized to practise.

To prevent fraud, the AMF recommends that you ask five smart questions to choose your financial planner This link will open in a new window..

Other specialists can help you with financial matters. Consult the Flash Retirement capsule: Choose the Best Consultant for You.

What you'll need

Before meeting with a financial planner, you need to get a number of documents together:

Other useful information

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