Amount of your retirement pension

Under a defined contribution pension plan, the amount of your pension depends mainly on the following factors when you retire:

  • the balance of your account
  • your age
  • financial market interest rates
  • the form of pension you choose.

If you take your pension at a later date, the amount will be higher. That is because your account balance will be higher and since you will be older when your payments begin, payments will be made for a shorter period of time.

Also, if interest rates are high when payment of your pension begins, your pension will be higher and the amount will not change even if interest rates change later.

The amount of your pension depends on the form it takes. For example, with the same capital, your pension will be higher if you choose a pension with a 5-years guarantee rather than a pension with a 15-year guarantee.

Important ...
Even if you are no longer an active member of the pension plan because, for example, you have left your job, your account balance will continue to earn interest until you take your pension.

Payment of your pension

Usually, your pension will not be paid to you directly by the pension plan's pension fund. Il will be paid by an insurer who handles the pension for the pension plan.

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