Régime volontaire d'épargne-retraite (RVER) Desjardins

Information about the administrator

Desjardins Sécurité financière, compagnie d'assurance vie
200, avenue des Commandeurs

Lévis (Québec)  G6V 6R2
Telephone: 1 844 499-7837
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Information about the VRSP

Retraite Québec registration number: 39706

Fees deductible from the return on the assets

Default investment optionFees* (percentage of the average assets)
Desjardins Balanced Path Between 1.20% and 1.25% (based on the target composition)
Other investment optionsFees* (percentage of the average assets)
1. DGIA Money Market 100%0.92%
2. Desjardins 30/701.20%
3. Desjardins 50/501.22%
4. Desjardins 70/301.24%
5. Desjardins 90/101.25%

*The fees include taxes

Member fees

Nature of the feesFees (amount or percentage)
Transferring to another plan$50

Fees payable by the employer

Nature of the feesFees (amount or percentage)
Changing VRSPs$300 plus $50 per employee

  Note that...
  • To find out whether other fees apply, contact the administrator of the VRSP. You can also consult the VRSP summary or contract that the administrator gives to the member or the employer when joining the plan.
  • The administrator must inform the member of any fees with respect to requests for advice prior to rendering the service.
  • To find out whether any conditions or restrictions apply to this administrator with regard to authorization from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), refer to the AMF's Register – VRSPs Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans This link will open in a new window..
  • There may be a delay between the date on which the VRSP is registered or modified and the date on which the information is available online.

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