Change in Frequency of Family Allowance Payment

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You can choose from the following payment frequencies:

  • monthly payments;
  • payments 4 times a year: in January, April, July and October.

Effective dates of change in frequency

If you apply:The change will take effect on:
Between 10 December 2022 and 10 March 20233 April 2023
Between 11 March and 9 June 20234 July 2023
Between 10 June and 8 September 2023 3 October 2023
Between 9 September and 8 December 20233 January 2024

To file your application:

Choose the simplified application
with a pre-completed web form

You need a clicSÉQUR account to access My Account. To create your account, you will need a Notice of Assessment from Revenu Québec.

Another way of filing your application

If you or your spouse have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), you can complete the online Change in Frequency of Family Allowance Payments form This link will open a new window..

The information requested in this online service is necessary for the study of your application. For more information, consult our privacy policy.

Notice for disabled persons

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