Supplement for handicapped children 

You are entitled to the supplement for handicapped children if:

  • you are eligible for child assistance
  • you have a dependent child under 18 who has a physical or mental handicap that significantly limits him or her in carrying out daily activities for a period expected to last for at least 1 year. We determine your child's eligibility according to certain criteria.

What we mean by "daily activities"

Daily activities are the activities in which a child participates, depending on his or her age, with respect to personal care and social life. They include eating, moving about, getting dressed, communication and learning activities.

How we establish eligibility

Our medical team evaluates your child's condition according to the eligibility requirements under the Taxation Act and its regulation.

Medical reassessment

To verify whether your child's condition has improved and to find out whether it still entitles you to the supplement for handicapped children, we may, in some cases, ask for a reassessment. The frequency of reassessments depends on the child's handicap and situation.

Filling an application...

Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children

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Did you know?

Child assistance also includes the supplement for handicapped children with exceptional care needs.

For more information, and to find out all there is to know about the additional financial assistance for handicapped children, visit the A handicapped child page.