How the Family Allowance is paid

We pay the Family Allowance on the 1st working day of each quarter (four times a year):

  • in July for July, August and September
  • in October for October, November and December
  • in January for January, February and March
  • in April for April, May and June.

Payments can be received monthly but an Application must be filed. In this case, payments are made on the first working day of each month.

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To whom are the Family Allowance payments made?

The Family Allowance payments are made to only one person in a family. Spouses can agree to ask for a change of beneficiary in the family. Certain rules are used to determine which spouse will receive the payments:

  • for the first application, if the information is provided automatically by the Directeur de l'état civil, Family Allowance payments are made to the mother.
  • for the first application, if made directly by a person, the Family Allowance  is paid the person who applied.
  • for subsequent applications, Family Allowance is paid to the beneficiary who is already designated in the existing file.

Shared custody

The Family Allowance payments are made to both parents at the same time, without interruption, according to the frequency of payments chosen by each parent (quarterly or monthly). We consider that a child is in shared custody when the child lives with each parent between 40% and 60% of the time each month.

A blended family

  • If both spouses are eligible, the Family allowance is paid to the spouse with the greatest number of children.
  • If both spouses are eligible and they both have the same number of children, the Family Allowance is paid to the spouse with the youngest child. However, if the new couple has a child, the payments will be made to the mother of that child.
  • If only one of the spouses is eligible, that spouse will receive the Family Allowance payments.

Owing an amount

A change in family status may have an effect on the amounts to which you are entitled. If you receive overpayments, you will have to repay us. The criteria used for repaying debts are the following:

  • 50% of the payment if the family's annual income is less than or equal to 35 000 $. We could deduct more than 50% of the payment is the amounts owing are insufficient to repay the debt. In certain cases, we could deduct more than 50% of the payment even though the family's annual income is less than or equal to 35 000 $.
  • 100% of the payment if the family's annual income is greater than 35 000 $.

Payment dates

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