Information for members of a defined-benefit pension plan

Plan summary

The administrator must provide a worker with a summary of the pension plan within 90 days following the date on which he or she became eligible for plan membership. The summary must be accompanied with a brief description of the advantages of plan membership, the benefits offered and the member's other rights and obligations.

Annual statement of benefits

Within 9 months following the end of the plan's fiscal year, each member and beneficiary (active or non-active) must be sent a statement of his or her benefits and a brief summary of any amendments made to the plan during the fiscal year. The administrator must enclose with the annual statement information identifying all the associations that represent the plan's non-active, non-unionized members and the plan's other non-active members and beneficiaries (if the administrator has been informed that such associations exist).


Be careful not to confuse the annual statement of benefits in an employer's pension plan and the Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension Plan.

The annual statement of benefits in an employer's pension plan allows a plan member to keep up with his or her benefits under the plan. The Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension Plan allows a contributor to that plan to keep track of the employment income entered under his or her name for the Québec Pension Plan and the amounts that may be paid to the contributor or his or her family in the event of retirement, disability or death.

Prior notice of amendments to a pension plan

The administrator of your plan is required to notify each active and non-active member in writing of any amendments made to the plan. In some cases, the notice can be published in a daily newspaper in your region or posted in the workplace.

Statement of cessation of membership

If active plan membership ceases, the administrator must send the member a statement of benefits within 60 days of being informed of the cessation. The statement may include the payment choices and options that apply.

Other pension plan statements

The plan administrator must send as the circumstances require:

  • Statement of benefits following conjugal breakdown, where either spouse makes an application
  • Statement of benefits related to phased retirement where there were cash payments made by the plan following an agreement with the employer that concerns a reduction in work hours
  • Statement of benefits following plan termination

The annual meeting

Within 9 months following the end of a plan's fiscal year, the administrator must call an annual meeting of the employer and all the members and beneficiaries. During the meeting, the administrator reports on the plan's administration. If the plan is administered by a pension committee, the plan members can appoint voting and non-voting members to the pension committee.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity to obtain information on the plan's financial situation and on any amendments made to the plan during the fiscal year.

Consultation of documents related to a pension plan

At least once a year, all members, eligible workers and beneficiaries must be able, without charge, to consult certain documents:

  • plan text
  • actuarial valuation
  • investment policy
  • acts of delegation of powers
  • financial reports
  • general transfer agreements
  • annual information returns
  • correspondence between our agency and the administrator (except correspondence concerning another person)

The administrator must allow such free consultation within 30 days following receipt of a written request. The obligation can be fulfilled by providing, without charge and within the same period, a copy of the documents to be consulted.

Consultation is carried out at the office of the administrator or the employer's establishment designated by the administrator that is nearest the applicant's place of residence.

The administrator can charge a fee for a second consultation in the same year or for additional copies of the documents consulted.

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