Amounts and payment of Family Allowance

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Family Allowance payment amounts vary from one family to another. The amount is indexed each year in January and recalculated in July based on:

  • the number of dependent children under age 18 who live with the beneficiary 
  • the number of children in shared custody
  • the conjugal situation (with or without a spouse)
  • family income, that is, the combined income of both spouses, if applicable. To find out the amount you could receive in 2024, consult the table below. You can also estimate the amounts to which you could be entitled using the CalculAide tool.
Maximum and minimum yearly amounts – 2024
Maximum amount Amount
Each child$2923
Single-parent family + $1026
Minimum amount Amount
Each child$1163
Single-parent family+ $409
Yearly amount for the purchase of school supplies – 2024
Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies$121
Yearly amounts for a handicapped child – 2024
Supplement for Handicapped Children$2748
Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional  Care 
Tier 1$13 896
Tier 2$9240

Your first Family Allowance payment

We will send you your first Family Allowance payment within a maximum of 45 days following receipt of the declaration of your child's birth from the Directeur de l'état civil This link will open in a new window..

Payment methods

Family Allowance can be paid to only one person in the family. In the case of shared custody, the amount is divided and paid to both parents, according to the payment frequency (quarterly or monthly) chosen by each parent.

We make the Family Allowance payment on the 1st working day of each quarter, that is, four times a year:

  • in July for July, August and September
  • in October for October, November and December
  • in January for January, February and March
  • in April for April, May and June

Payments can be received monthly but a request must be made. In this case, payments are made on the first working day of each month.

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Consult the payment dates for Family Allowance.

Note that...
  • We can pay Family Allowance retroactively for a period of 11 months from the date an application is received if all of the eligibility requirements are met.
  • To receive Family Allowance, both parents must file their Québec income tax return, even if one or both of them do not have any income to declare.

If money is owed to us

A change in family situation can affect the amounts to which a person is entitled. If an overpayment is received, it will have to be repaid.

The amount withheld from payments in order to repay a debt will be calculated according to the following rules:

  • 50% of the payment if the annual family income is less than or equal to $35 000. Note that we can withhold more than 50% of the payment if the amounts that remain to be paid are not sufficient to repay the debt. In certain cases, we can withhold more than 50% of the payment even if the family income is less than or equal to $35 000.
  • 100% of the payment if the family's annual income is more than $35 000.

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