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Your job and the Québec Pension Plan

By contributing to the Québec Pension Plan, you help ensure your present and future

Do the amounts withheld from your pay for the Québec Pension Plan make you wince? You'll get your smile back when you start considering these deductions at source as a good investment! Not only does the Plan give you a basic income for retirement, it also offers an indemnity in the event of disability or death.

Questions and answers about your contributor profile

  • You are an employee
    How long have you been making contributions to the Plan? Which months are excluded from your contributory period? How is your retirement pension calculated? More information will help you better plan your retirement!
  • You are self-employed
    How are your contributions calculated? Are you familiar with the retirement savings strategies best suited to your needs? With the right tools, you can count on yourself for financial independence during retirement!
  • You are an intermediate or family-type resource
    Did you know that your net remuneration will now be taken into consideration in your annual income? Do you know the type of protection the Québec Pension Plan can offer? Find out today. 
Enhacing the QPP for better financial security in retirement
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