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Your employer sponsors a pension plan

You are among a group of privileged Québec workers!

The figures speak for themselves

41% of Québec workers are members of a pension plan.

While the rate of participation has reached nearly 100% in the provincial and federal public service as well as in the construction industry, it is 55% in large companies and 5% in small businesses.

Be an active and informed member

A better knowledge of your plan will help you understand your rights and prepare for retirement. But do you know the characteristics of your pension plan?

To find out more about what the plan can offer you...

  • Simplified pension plan: The simplified pension plan is a defined contribution plan, administered by a financial institution, with certain specific exceptions.
  • Defined contribution plan: In this type of plan, the amount of contributions is determined in advance. The amount of your income at retirement depends, among other things, on the total amount accumulated in your account.
  • Defined benefit plan: This type of plan makes it possible for you to know the amount of your retirement pension in advance. The amount generally corresponds to a percentage of your pay multiplied by the years of service recognized by the plan.

What you should know...

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