Your first job and the Québec Pension Plan

  • The Québec Pension Plan is a compulsory, public insurance plan for workers aged 18 and over, whose annual employment income is more than $3500.
  • The Plan is is funded by your contributions and those of your employer.
  • If you have contributed sufficiently to the Plan, we can provide you and your family with several pensions and benefits.
  • You stop contributing to the Plan when you retire and are no longer economically active.

To find out more

  • Consult your Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension Plan to find out the amount of the employment earnings recorded under your name for the Québec Pension Plan. The statement also gives an estimate of the benefits that could be paid to you and your family when you retire or in the event of death or disability.
  • Your Statement of Participation is your basic tool for making financial plans for retirement. The Statement is complete and costs you nothing. It is available online or on paper. In fact, we will send you a Statement by regular mail every 4 years once you reach the age of 32.
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