When presenting the 2024–2025 budget, the Gouvernement du Québec announced changes to the eligibility requirements for the financial assistance programs for handicapped children. The new eligibility requirements will apply to applications sent as of 1 July 2024. For more information, consult the Minister of Finance's budget This link will open in a new window..

Our Web pages will be updated as soon as the announced changes are implemented, that is, by 1 July 2024, at the latest.

You are entitled to the Supplement for Handicapped Children if:

  • you are eligible for the Family Allowance
  • you have a dependent child under 18 who has a an impairment or a mental function disability that significantly limits him or her in the accomplishment of life habits for a period expected to last for at least one year.

We determine your child's eligibility according to certain criteria.

What we mean by "life habits"

Life habits encompass the activities that a child must carry out, depending on his or her age, with respect to personal care and social life. The following life habits are taken into consideration for the study of applications:

  • nutrition
  • personal care
  • moving about
  • communication
  • interpersonal relations
  • responsibilities
  • education.

How is eligibility for the Supplement for Handicapped Children determined?

Our team of health professionals determines whether your child is eligible for the Supplement for Handicapped Children using certain criteria. If your child's condition does not meet the criteria, his or her eligibility is determined on the basis of the severity of his or her limitations with regard to accomplishing life habits for a period expected to last for at least one year. The analysis of the child's limitations takes into account the disabilities resulting from the impairment or the mental function disability, as well as factors in the child's environmental that facilitate or inhibit his or her ability to accomplish life habits. A diagnoses of an impairment or mental function disability cannot alone determine the severity of a child's limitations or eligibility for the Supplement for Handicapped Children.

Medical reassessment

To verify whether your child's condition has improved and to find out whether it still entitles you to the Supplement for Handicapped Children, we may, in some cases, ask for a reassessment. The frequency of reassessments depends on the child's handicap and situation.

Good to know

By signing up for notifications in My Account, you could receive a notice by email or by text message when an application for a reassessment is filed. Furthermore, by logging in to your digital file, you will also have access to information, documents and services regarding Family Allowance and pension plans.

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