Application for Family Allowance

This form allows you to apply for Family Allowance in the following situations:

  • Birth and adoption: You adopt a child or your child is born outside Québec but lives with you in Québec.
  • Separation, change in custody or death: You are not receiving Family Allowance payments in your name and you have at least 40% of the custody time of the child following a separation, a change in custody or in the event of the death of a parent.
  • New resident: You become a resident of Québec or your child returns to Québec.

It is also possible that Retraite Québec asks you to complete an application for Family Allowance for another situation.

If your child was born in Québec, you do not need to file an application because registration is carried out automatically. When you send your newborn's birth certificate to the Directeur de l'état civil, you are automatically signed up to receive Family Allowance.

LPF-800 form. Last update: September 2022.
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