Forms concerning the Québec Pension Plan

  • Our PDF forms can be printed and the majority of them can also be completed on screen. However, you must have Acrobat Reader This link will open in a new window., version 7 or later.  Some documents are not available online but can be ordered.
  • There are several ways to obtain our forms.

Québec Pension Plan

Statement of Participation in the Québec Pension Plan

This service enables you to consult your Statement of Participation online. It will inform you of the employment earnings recorded under your name in the Québec Pension Plan and, if applicable, the Canada Pension Plan.

You can also make a request online to receive your Statement of Participation by regular mail.

Notice to disabled persons

This online service may contain barriers to accessibility. You can use our automated self-serve telephone service.

Request for Corrections to Pensionable Employment Earnings (Québec Pension Plan)

This form allows you to have corrections made to the pensionable employment earnings recorded in your file.
RDC-025 form. Last update: January 2016.

Change of address

Request for income tax deductions

Request for an income tax slip duplicate

Direct Deposit for Québec Pension Plan

Use this online service to sign up for Direct Deposit or make a change to your Direct Deposit for Québec Pension Plan. The application can only be used for deposits in Canada.

Consent to Release of Information

This form allows you to authorize a designated person to obtain confidential information or documents regarding you from Retraite Québec.
CRQ001 form. Last update: January 2016.
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