Application for a Retirement Pension Under the Québec Pension Plan

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Before you file an application

Did you know that the amount of your pension varies based on your age when you retire? We recommend that you consult your latest Statement of Participation in My Account to obtain all theinformation on the estimates of your retirement pension.



You need a clicSÉQUR account to access My Account. To create your account, you will need a notice of assessment from Revenu Québec.



Complete your application. An estimate of your pension amount will appear on-screen.



Send your application and obtain an acknowledgment of receipt.



Consult the Notice of Decision in My Account.



Choose to go 100% digital to not miss a thing thanks to notifications.

You will need:

  • the dates of birth of your children, if applicable
  • your file number with the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), if you are receiving an indemnity
  • your banking information to sign up for direct deposit.

When should you apply for your retirement pension?

  • You can receive the maximum amount of your retirement pension as of age 65. However, it may be to your advantage to postpone applying for it until age 70. You can also retire earlier and apply for it as of age 60 if you have already contributed to the plan. However, the amount of your pension will be reduced throughout retirement.
  • To determine the right time to retire, you can use CompuPension. With this tool, you can obtain an estimate of the amounts to which you are entitled, compare several scenarios and therefore make a better-informed decision.
  • After some thought, you can apply for your retirement pension up to 12 months before the time you wish to receive your first payment.

How do you apply for your retirement pension?

Access My Account and choose of the following two options:

  • Pre-completed online application form
    • Once the form has been completed, an estimate of your pension amount will appear on-screen.
    • You can enter a date to start receiving your pension at a later time if you would like to.
  • Simplified Spotlight on your retirement application
    • You can find the application in your digital file if you have reached age 64 and 6 months.
    • The payment of your pension begins the month after your application has been accepted or the month you have chosen.

Other way of applying for your retirement pension

You can also use our Application for a Retirement Pension Under the Québec Pension Plan form and send it to us online.

The information requested in this online service is necessary for the study of your application. For more information, consult our Privacy policy.

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