Contributions to the Québec Pension Plan (QPP)

As an employer, it is your responsibility to collect QPP contributions and remit them to Revenu Québec.

Calculation of contributions

In January 2019, the enhancement to the Québec Pension Plan came into effect, which resulted in the introduction of an additional plan  and the payment of additional contributions. Therefore, in 2021, the contribution rate is 11.8% of an employee's gross earnings. The rate includes contributions to the basic plan and the additional plan. You pay half (5.9%) and you deduct the other half at source from the employee's pay.

The contribution rate is applied to the portion of pay included between:

  • the basic exemption ($3500)
  • the maximum pensionable earnings (MPE), which are $61 600 en 2021

To calculate QPP contributions, use this Revenu Québec tool This link will open in a new window..

Examples of annual contributions in 2021
Employment income for 2021
Employee's contribution deducted at source
Self-employed worker's contributions $
10 000383.50767.00
15 000678.501357.00
20 000973.501947.00
25 0001268.502537.00
30 0001563.503127.00
35 0001858.503717.00
40 0002153.504307.00
45 0002448.504897.00
50 0002743.505487.00
55 0003038.506077.00
60 0003333.506667.00
61 600 and over3427.906855.80

The Guide for Employers

The Guide for Employers This link will open in a new window., published by Revenu Québec, will give you all the details on deductions at source, pensionable and non-pensionable earnings and contributions to the Québec Pension Plan.

Other information

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